Who Is This Guy

13495677_10157054703670405_4113185689039545822_oGraphic designer by day — potter by night (and sometimes by day, too).

I am married with three grown sons and two adorable granddaughters. I live in Burlington, Ontario, Canada, a suburban community caught between Hamilton and Toronto.

I love working with clay—especially on the wheel. Under a potter’s hands the clay comes to life, growing and changing, taking on a new form, alive with purpose. And the glazing process is pure magic.

My hope is that my work intrigues, pleases and even entertains through shape, movement, colour and texture. The pieces are to be touched, used, loved and shared. Nor are they afraid to be on display as decor or sculptural art.

I find that interests of food and pottery often go together. It’s no different with me. I love to cook. Food is not only an expression of creativity, it’s also the ultimate catalyst for building relationships and community. Without someone to share a meal with, food is merely fuel for the body—and that’s a shame. Food wonderfully brings together all the senses, with taste, texture, colour and aroma. The On Food posts are mostly a way for me to share my recipes with friends.

My faith informs who I am and what I do. I try to follow Christ, but often fall short.

I am firmly against the Oxford comma.

That’s what you need to know about me. The rest is too boring to mention.